Mancala Club Videos

These videos give you everything you need to get started in our virtual Mancala Club! Learn new rule sets, make your own boards, try fun challenges and see what new things you can learn from the world's oldest board game!


Getting Started

This collection of videos gives you everything you need to start your own Mancala Club.


Mancala Rule Sets

There are over 400 ways to play Mancala! Here are some of our favorites! Click the button below to download a PDF of the most common rules we play by.  As you try new rules think about the following: What skills or strategies are unique to this rule set? What strategies or skills are common between this and other rule sets?


Mancala Club Challenges

Mancala Club features many challenges for you to choose from. Can you win the game with a tie? What's the highest score you can get on your first turn? Can you design your own mancala game? What about a Mancala Bot Battle?
Print out your Mancala Club Challenge Board and draw a stone for each challenge you complete!